Company Overview/History

Marathon Mail Service was started in 1969 by Gary and Louise Neidert. Marathon Mail provides superior service to the United States Postal Service with terminals centrally located in Wausau and Madison Wisconsin. Marathon Mail Service is still operated by the Neidert family and is proud to be a majority woman-owned business. We pride ourselves on exceeding customers’ expectations every mile.

Dedicated to a cleaner environment

Marathon Mail Service is dedicated to managing and reducing waste associated with truck vehicle maintenance. We recycle the following

  • Used Oil (recycle approximately 4,000 gallons annually)
  • Used oil filters and fuel filters
  • Used Antifreeze
  • Parts washer solvent
  • Spent Batteries
  • Scrap metal and scrap tires

MMS Family

Key Staff

Gary Neidert, President

Nina Dittmar, Vice President

Louise Neidert, Secretary Treasurer

Julie Sherfinski, Vice President of Safety